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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary Common metrics suite tool for Java and AspectJ
Categories construction, process
License Other OSI-certified license
Owner(s) misto


The goal of the aopmetrics project is to provide a common metrics tool for the object-oriented and the aspect-oriented programming. The project aims to provide following features (not implemented ones are in italics):

  • The aspect-oriented extensions of following metrics suites:
    • Chidamber and Kemerer metrics suite (CK metrics).
    • Robert Martin's metrics suite (package dependencies metrics).
    • Henry and Li metrics suite.
  • Support for Java (also 1.5) and AspectJ (also 1.5) languages.
  • Export measurements to XML and XLS.
  • Ant task and commandline runners.

The actual implementation is:

  • Based on the AspectJ compiler (ver. 1.5).
  • Written in the Java5 language and can be run only on Java5 VM.

Currently, the project is developed as a part of a master's thesis on Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. The project is also supported by members of SPICE and e-Informatyka.pl teams. Nevertheless, any help is always extremely welcome, especially bug reports, patches or metric implementations.

The aopmetrics project is under the Common Public License.

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